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Episode Thirty Six - Young Nige

We're back y'all, yeah we're back y'all, yeah we're backity back, yeah we're back y'all! After a hibernating hiatus we roll back on the scene, crispy and clean, with the one and only Young Nige. We chit chat about Nige's musical past and entry into hip hop and the formation of his group, Friends With The Help, and we take some time to discuss the extensive catalogue of FWTH music videos. Finally Nige wraps it up (pun intended) with a devastating freestyle. Archie and Sauce guide the swerving journey and C-Lo supplies the backbone with another continuous mix. Liquid Sunshine 2017 y'all!

Episode Thirty Five - 2016 year end Rap up

It's that time of year again. Liquid Sunshine returns with their annual Holiday Edition Year End Wrap Up, Over and Out Episode. We chat about some of the best music that came out of Vancouver this year and list some of our favourite albums from 2016 as a whole. The boys also amp up the cheer, as Archie complains about the cities recent musical output and Sauce mourns the death of the world. Thank god, or any mythical beast really, for DJ Goddamn C-Lo, who holds this shit down in his typical fashion, keeping us bumping and mixing both a set of our fav Vancity rap tracks and general hip hop heat.  Special guest Rozmo pops in to rock Hootenanny live with the house-band and kick off the last LSP freestyle of the year. It's Liquid Sunshine y'all, catch us in the new year and HAPPY HOLIDAZE! 

Episode Thirty Four - Mishap

Yoooo! Liquid Sunshine proudly returns to your ear-holes with special guest, Mishap!  We comb through his history on the mic and how he journeyed from the Okanagan to Vancouver to pursue a dream, form the group Earthtones and eventually create the successful DJ Mix series, Hip Hop Corner. Sauce and Archive try to keep the train on the rails as much as possible, as they swerve through the topics, and the unflappable DJ C-Lo provides the soundtrack with his typically unwavering and extended mix. Another one in the books. Go on and catch a sip of the Liquid. 

Episode Thirty Three - Kelvin from the KIDS

Aaaaaaannnnd Liquid Sunshine is all up in this, one more time for your damn mind. The high-priests of home town hippity hop return with special guest, Kelvin, from the KIDS. He lays out his history: coming up as a young'n and discovering hip hop in White Horse, moving to Vancouver to go to audio school and forming one of the most active groups in the city. We also learn which one of the KIDS is his uncle, as well as who some of his favourite producers are. All of this and more await you, listener, with the bumbling guidance of your favourite old-men, Saucey and Archive, and the miraculous mixing of grandpa C-Lo. It's this, it's that, it's Liquid Sunshine y'all!

Kelvin's solo works:

KIDS web

Facebook: Kelvin Aliasthesame
Twitter / IG: @4amstyles
Snapchat: aliasthesame

Episode Thirty Two - Stroker Deluca

Back at it like an addict! The hooligans return with long-time rhymer, producer, mixer, and engineer to most of the dope rap coming out of the city, Stroker DeLuca. We chop it up about: his journey as an emcee and the creation of Def Poets Society, the trials and tribs of his brief time in the porn industry and the release (pause) of his latest project, "The Sex Tape". Archive and Sauce remain lit like a wick while C-Lo "can't stop, won't stops" through another seamless and continuous mix. This one is a motherfucking doozy. Only on Liquid Sunshine y'all!!

Episode Thirty One - Anonymouz of the Ill- Legitimate Crew

Back to the grill again. Liquid Sunshine returns with microphone fiend and Ill-Legitimate co-founder, Anonymouz. He takes us on a trip through the world travelling history of the Ill-Legitimate Crew, as well as his personal history in hip-hop, while also regaling us with stories from his many tour dates. Finally, he clues his hapless hosts into the new-new from Ill-Legit before closing out with the ill rhymes. The hosts are feeling the effects and fighting through the haze, while DJ C-Lo impeccably and continuously supplies the soundtrack. It's what we do. Liquid Sunshine y'all!!

Episode Thirty - Junk of Northwest Division

Liquid Sunshine rains down, with a triumphant return to interviewing. The posse arrives mad lit and sits down with Team-Back Pack alumni and North West Division mic-assassin, Junk. We learn about some of his history leading up to his arrival in Canada and his early rapping years in the Kootenays, and delve into his battle history, the formation of NWD and his new solo record, I.A.N, being released soon on Stealth Bomb Records. Sauce and Archive are your guides on this hip hop narrative and, as always, DJ C-Lo supplies the soundtrack with his continuous, effortless mixing. Liquid Sunshine y'all!!

Episode Twenty Nine - The Teaser

The LSP dudes are back at it. This is the teaser for the new season of interviews from the inebriated imps. Sauce and Mr. Archive ramble about the passing of Phife Dog, the closing of the Railway Club in Vancity and the recent accusations against the legendary Afrika Bambataa. Of course DJ C-Lo holds it down with a continuous mix, spinning some of the hypest jams in the land. Liquid Sunshine for your ear-throats y'all!

Episode Twenty Eight - St Patty's Day Special featuring House of Pain's Danny Boy

We start this one up nice and sloppy just how you like it! trash talking the local pubs for Essing soooo much Deee running our mouths with that typical drunken jibber jabber we have become so well know for until C-lo finally shuts off our mic's…then we get to the good stuff! C-Lo hits us with a solid mix of some rare and classic House Of Pain jams then moving on to a pre recorded interview with the one and only Danny Boy of the legendary groups House Of Pain and La Coka Nostra. Danny boy walks us through the early days of House Of Pain from the moment they met to the day they parted ways. He also touches base on touring with Beastie Boys, packing an AK on the tour bus, the beef with Dj Quick and his struggles with addiction. We wrap it up with talks of the 3rd and possibly final La Coka Nostra album and his love for documenting historical sites through his work with Delta Bravo. This hip-hop icon blesses us with endless knowledge and some of the most kick ass stories from house of pains hay days..DJ-C-Lo wraps it all up with what may be the best hip-hop drinking mix of all time….ever… the history of mankind, don't miss out on this one! hit that link kiiiidddd!!!!








Episode Twenty Seven - The Liquid SunShine Mixtape 2015

The Liquid Sunshine Podcast posse proudly presents: The Mixtape.  A butt-load of incredible underground hip hop from some of raindrop city's finest. All mixed by the one and only DJ C-Lo. Liquid Sunshine y'all!

Track List : 

1. Azrael & Inkspill - Jackson Pollock 2. Sythe feat Matt Brevner & Copasetic - On My Way 3. Trevor Mills feat Sauce - So Dirty (Anger) 4. Copasetic feat Sythe - Out of Service 5. Azrael - Insatiable 6. Rozmosis - Hootenanny 7. Chadio - 5's Up Kline Remix 8. Billy Slade feat JustB - Fool Proof 9. Attikus - Brain Juice 10. Moka Only - Boots 11. KIDS - Drugs R Us 12. Emotionz feat Attikus & Relic - Ah 13. Abyss - Endless Highway 14. K-Rec & Estea Elements - The K-Rec Show 15. Mercy feat Wax Monk & Jakub Evolved - The Crown 16. Spyte - 2am 17. Kid Lithium - Welcome to the Dream Machine 18. Gorgeous Geordie feat Vials & Wettworker - Slow Transitions

Episode Twenty Six - The Best of VanCity 2015

Liquid Sunshine flies back in for one last session before 2015 is done, son.  Sauce, Archive and C-LO present the Best of Vancity 2015 Episode, recorded live at C-LO's house in which we play the "Yule Log Channel Drinking Game (TM)" and reminisce on some of our favourite things about Hip Hop music in Vancouver.  Between drinks we rap about our favourite albums, favourite artists and the movements and concepts surrounding their work.  Check out who we're jocking. Heavy VeeBeej alert.  Happy Holidays from the Liquid Sunshine Posse.  

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Episode Twenty Five - Gorgeous Geordie and Vials/Halloween Special Episode

Liquid Sunshine pours into your candy bags on this one as we welcome back Gorgeous Geordie, and this time he brings his Gothic home-girl, Vials, along for the ride.  Conversation staggers from Geordie's up-coming projects, to the material that Vials is working on and what influenced her sound.  We talk about our most embarrassing costumes, and some favourite Halloween memories, or lack there-of, depending on who's rambling.  The blabber is fairly lean, and the music fat, as DJ C-LO spins the tracks, including a nice long, special for fright night Halloween mix for that ass.  This Halloween have fun, get drunk, be safe and bang this mix.  Liquid Sunshine baby.

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Vials Chrysalis album on Bandcamp:

Vials facebook:

Vials "Pompous Bitch" live video:

Vials "Facebreaker" video:

DJ C-Lo Halloween Mix

Episode Twenty Four - Rozmosis

We're back and rocking on the monthly tip. Liquid Sunshine is pouring in your ear canals! This time we are joined by a fresh voice in the Vancity scene, Rozmosis aka Rozmo. Discussion dances from Rozmos' early ventures into this Hip Hop thing, to the recording and release of his 2015 album, Broke, to what's up next for the young rhymer, who's not even 21 yet. Sauce and Archive toss back cold ones and feel old next to the young buck (no G-Unit) and C-LO defies all age barriers by laying down two big-fat, nasty mixes. It's Liquid Sunshine, giving you that new new new. 

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Episode Twenty Three - The Vancity Episode Pt 1

"It's been a long time/ we shouldn't have left you..." But the boys are back up in this piece! This go around is guest-less so that the Liquid Sunshine posse can get to the blabbering about some of our favourite things in the history of Vancouver's hip hop scene. Conversation swerves from favourite venues and shows (local and touring acts,) to favourite emcees and DJs, blah blah blibitty blah. Thank Herc Juneten dropped by half-way through to shed a little light on the subjects as well. As always, DJ C-Lo throws down two incredible mixes, both jam packed with Vancity classics, from Incredible Ease (RIP) and EQ to Treetrunk and on and on. It feels good to be back. It's Liquid Sunshine!

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Episode Twenty Two - Moka Only

Everything is poppin' off all golden like, in Sunshine land!  Our resident champs were graced by the one and only, west-coasts most prolific, durable mammal, Moka Only.  Chit-chat flows like from the French press, ranging from Moka's beginnings on Vancouver Island, where he was instrumental in starting up the Hip Hop scene, to the trials and rivalries within Vancity between the crews of the early '90s, to his time in California and into the Swollen era.  Moke also opens up about his favourite producers of all time and the new label that heco-owns and operates, Beautiful Records, before dropping some serious philosophy on the mesmerized hosts.  Sauce and Archive digress less and generally try not to ride too much jock throughout the course of this lengthy interview and C-Lo does the do on the ones and twos with his usual consistent flare.  There is potential for a follow-up episode to happen too, so stay tuned for that shit.  This is Liquid Sunshine y'all!

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Beautiful Records website:    Be sure to subscribe for exclusive content.




Moka Only on Twitter:


Moka on Soundcloud:


Moka on Facebook:


Moka's got a shit-tonne of music videos, so go to Youtube and watch all that good stuff!

DJ C-Lo Mix #21

Track List

Myka 9 & Factor - One Time

PRhyme - Courtesy (Marco Polo Remix)

Bishop Nehru - Breath

Mobb Deep - Conquer

Nappy Roots - Melting Pot

Frank Nitt Feat Illa J - Money On My Mind

Murs - Skatin Through the City

Georgia Anne Muldow - The Outcome

Myka 9 & Factor - Fly Paper

Dizzy Wright Feat Irv Da Phenom - No Time Is Better

CZARFACE Feat Method Man - Nightcrawler 



Episode Twenty One - Matt Brevner

On our latest, the Sun keeps on shining with our special guest, Matt Brevner.  We chop it up about how Brevner started rapping and producing his own beats, and we trace his evolution as an artist musically and visually, before finding out whats next for one of Vancity's finest.  Sauce and Archive keep things rolling along, cracking wise and blibbing the blab, and DJ C-Lo keeps the beats bangin' and the hits hittin'.  It's Liquid Sunshine y'all.

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Official Matt Brevner website:


Matt Brevner on Twitter:


Eclectricity by Matt Brevner:


The Bushido Project by Matt Brevner:


"Dark Side of the Moon" Music Video by Matt Brevner featuring Tom MacDonald:

DJ C-Lo Mix #21

Track List

EMC - I Like you Like Feat Strickie

Planet Asia & DirtyDiggs Feat Tristate and Killa Kali - Stupid Kush

Galactic & Lyrics Born - WTF?

Black Rob - Need that real Ish Feat Sean Price & Tek

Clear Soul Forces - Orange Faygo

J-Live - Pay it Forward

KVBeats Feat Rashad & Rob Swift - You know the Rules

The Green Seed - Town of Steel

Abstract Rude - Project Blowed Remix x Kan of Whoopass Team Supreme

De La Soul Feat NAS - God It

Episode Twenty - Trevor Mills

The sun is shining!  On today's installment, the homeboy Trevor Mills (fka T-Train) came by the studio to sit down with the Liquid Sunshine libertines and chat about: his history on the mic, teaching and using Hip Hop in a classroom and his upcoming release, Evidence of a Struggle, and how it ties into his ongoing fundraising for aiding, and raising awareness of mental health issues. DJ C-Lo keeps the beats blazing and Sauce and Archive keep it moving, bobbing and weaving through their usual digressions into madness.  Be sure to check the Evidence of a Struggle release party at the Rio Theater (Broadway and Commercial, Vancouver) on May 28.  This cause matters. Liquid Sunshine in your brain-piece.

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Trevor Mills on Twitter:

Evidence of a Struggle facebook page:

"Evidence of a Struggle" spoken word video:

A CTV piece on Trevor using Hip Hop in his classroom:

"Are We There Yet?" video:

Episode Nineteen - Emotionz

Crack that brew kid! This week the homies are honoured to welcome Vancity veteran Emotionz to the podcast.  We shoot the shit about his musical family, the 4th World Occupants crew, his days in LA and the brand new, dope as fuck album, Psychedelic Boombox.  The boys lie lower on this one, comparatively sober on a Sunday afternoon, but C-Lo is in his usual zone, continuously mixing that heat.  Liquid Sunshine all day in your ear-piece. 


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psychedelic boombox (album download)

psychedelic boombox (tour video)

Fourth world occupants "old world fall out" (video)


Emotionz "the Book of David" (video)

KOTD Emotionz Vs Nebula battle (video)


DJ C-Lo Mix #19

Track List

Planet Asia & DirtyDiggs Feat Tristate and Killa Kali - Stupid Kush

Luniz feat Ras Kass, B-Legit & 4rAx - Still the Highest

MP and Vocab - N.W.H.H.

Saga - The Strong

Large Professor - Opulence

Termanology - Streetwise

Beedie feat Wiz Khalifa - Make a Wish

The Black Opera - Talking Revolution

Episode Eighteen - Juneten Part 2

Vancity's favourite jabrones return with another exciting podcast instalment, joined again by the elusive mic trooper, Juneten.  Conversation takes off from where we last left off: with Juneten breaking down his time with the legendary crew 4th World Occupants, to stating which is the best Sun-Ra album for a beginner to start with, to him making beats with his little cousin, Hashbrown. June even steps behind the decks to give us a preview of the hot-to-death remix project he and Hashbrown have been working on. Archive and Sauce proceed with the usual struggle to stay focused and C-Lo keeps doin the do, spinning the new-new.  You know what it is...Liquid Sunshine, hops!

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RebelRadioOne SpectrumDirect LIVE at DEF FEST2

Juneten "The NewRapRebel"

Hashbrown "The Walk Off"

e.d.g.e. x Hashbrown "Chapter VI: The Chase"

DJ C-Lo Mix #18

Track List

The Flatbush Zombies feat Issa Gold & Joey Bada$$ - Did you ever think

Potato head People feat Illa J - Seeds

Bumpy Knuckles & Big Daddy Kane - The Fires getting High

DJ Hoppa feat Futuristic, Wax, Dizzy Wright - Grown

MURS feat MNDR - No More Control

J-Live - Red & The Kid

Your Old Droog - You Know what Time it Is (Extended Version)

Joey Bada$$ x Kirk Knight - Perception VS Reality

Sam lachow feat Ariana DeBoo - Cadillacs & Videos


Episode Seventeen - Estea Elements

The Liquid Sunshine Posse returns once again, and we brought a friend, the one and only, Chief Rhyme-Orator, Estea Elements. Conversation veers from K-Rec and Estea's latest release with Slow DJs, to where to get the best cup of tea in the city, to how Estea linked up with his Hip Hop soul-mate DJ K-Rec, in the first place.  Estea busts rhymes on command for the majority of the interview, Archive breaks down his experience in Prince George and Sauce shits the bed by not asking the guest to bring music (Estea more than makes up for it, call it a happy mistake.)  As always DJ C-Lo holds this crazy train on the rails with his flawless, continuous mixing.  Liquid Sunshine filling your ear-holes riiiiiiiight...NOW!!

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Estea Elements on Bandcamp:

Slow DJ's present Hip Hop Corner vol.1 featuring K-Rec and Estea Elements:

The Mouth vs Mic Official Website:

Estea Elements episode of Mouth vs Mic Podcast (scroll down to Episode 21):

Video of live Mouth vs Mic, DEF-Fest:

DJ C-Lo Mix #17

Track List

Jel - Kid Comback

Clear Soul Forces - Digi Dash

Action Bronson feat Chance the Rapper - Baby Blue

Theory Hazit - Benjamin Banneke

Dr. Yen Lo - Day3

Malik Nine Five feat King Haley - Shame

Poldoor feat Nieve & EME - Never Defeated

Moka Only - Problems

Murs - Okay Dog

Oddisee - That's Love