Liquid SunShine Podcast

Episode Forty Seven - Clockwork

Back up in it, to win it. This episode is some special edition, family promo, uber-low-key-house party, type of hype. The LSP boys sit down with Rozmo, Dirty Mike, Emcee Kavi, Jamie Sands and Jakub Evolved to talk Clockwork. To celebrate the crews first year, we get into the genesis and formation of Clockwork, the crew, the label, the ciphers, the videos and the new compilation, Tick Tock YaBish. Finally, the team goes in on a fire freestyle session, milking the Eight Nipples of Pig (TM) to completion. This one’s got a little extra oomph. Sauce and Archive on the blibber-blabber, DJ goddamn C-Lo on the continuous, flawless mix. It’s that ish. Liquid Sunshine. 


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