Liquid SunShine Podcast

Episode Forty Five - Mizzy & Day Day

Heyo! LSP back up this piece with not one, but two, of Vancity’s finest. This soon to be classic episode features Mizzy, of the KIDS, and Day Day. Together they represent a larger collective, the Holy Sock Gang. First, we chit the chat with Day Day about his history in music and dance, and dig into important details, like his Top 5 MJ songs. Then, we get into some of Mizzy’s history, as well as a little bit about what the Holy Sock Gang is. Somewhere in there is one of the vibey-est live performances that we’ve ever had on our little podcast.  Sauce and Archive somehow stay on track and C-Lo fuels the drive with his immaculate mixes, all while everyone sucks down a slightly heroic dose of their favourite adult beverage. And a good time was had by all. Get down to this. 

lsp ep45MizzyDayday 1 1.jpg