Liquid SunShine Podcast

Episode Forty Six - St Patty's Day / Whiskey Tour

Aaand now for something completely different. It’s time for our annual St. Patrick’s Day episode. This time around the lads step out in public for our first, but not last, on-location episode. We sit with Jamie (aka Dubgee) and Scott from at Fet’s Whiskey Lounge for localfood’s inaugural Whiskey Tour. We learn about Jamie’s 7 hustles, a bit about his time in music, as Dubgee, and the experiences offered through, including a hiking tour, guided by Scott. Everyone gets well and truly gooned, yet somehow we stay coherent. Must be the power of the Whiskey. We highly recommend booking an excursion with these guys. DJ C LO comes through with that St. Patrick’s Day heat. Liquid Sunshine fo dat ass. 

lsp ep46sypasddydayWT.jpg

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