Liquid SunShine Podcast

Episode Forty Four - Special Edition Chadio Mix Show

We back in it for a special edition episode, fo’ dat ass. This time around, we roll guest-free, speaking a little flim-flam before getting to the brass-tax, that a friend, and hugely important member of the Vancouver and Canadian hip-hop scene, Chadio, needs some assistance. Recently diagnosed with cancer, the homey requires some financial assistance in order to hold it down and win his battle. DJ C-Lo masterfully mixes a metric butt-tonne of Chadio jammies. From solo joints, to DDR and Quoted Motives and everything in between, there is a whole lot of Chadio goodness laced within the confines of this podcast. Sauce and Archive keep the chatter to a bare-minimum, essential, slew of verbal blow jobs, aimed in the general direction of our friend Chad. Little talk, lots of the DJ? Might be our best show yet! Go ahead and throw some dough at the bro right here:

lsp ep44Chadiomix.jpg

Chadio's Go Fund me.

Hip-Hop karaoke "gimme some mo"

Bandcamp (so much good in here!!)