Liquid SunShine Podcast

Episode Thirty Eight - Cityreal

Back like a summer breeze. This time around, we decided to dig in the vaults and hoist out some of that ol' unreleased type shit. On this particular past production we linked up with Cityreal. As usual we get the low down on how he got into music and rap and he talked about what's next. There may even be a musical performance of some kind, actually, I doubt it.  Of course, I'm leaving out a bunch of stuff, otherwise there'd be no point in listening. Archive and Sauce are, as always, your inebriated guides and C-Lo provides the soundtrack we chat to. LSP in your area. 

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Cityreal "See You In the Morning" video:

Cityreal "Grow Op" video:

Official Cityreal website:

Cityreal on bandcamp: