Liquid SunShine Podcast

Episode Thirty Three - Kelvin from the KIDS

Aaaaaaannnnd Liquid Sunshine is all up in this, one more time for your damn mind. The high-priests of home town hippity hop return with special guest, Kelvin, from the KIDS. He lays out his history: coming up as a young'n and discovering hip hop in White Horse, moving to Vancouver to go to audio school and forming one of the most active groups in the city. We also learn which one of the KIDS is his uncle, as well as who some of his favourite producers are. All of this and more await you, listener, with the bumbling guidance of your favourite old-men, Saucey and Archive, and the miraculous mixing of grandpa C-Lo. It's this, it's that, it's Liquid Sunshine y'all!

Kelvin's solo works:

KIDS web

Facebook: Kelvin Aliasthesame
Twitter / IG: @4amstyles
Snapchat: aliasthesame