Liquid SunShine Podcast

Episode Six - Sythe of the ILL-Legitimate crew

Liquid Sunshine is back at it!  This episode the lads turned down the lights and got close with co-founder of the ILL-Legitimate crew, and hella gift-bearer, Sythe.  Conversation drifted from Sythes early days rhyming at raves, to the current, international and diverse ILL-Legitimate line-up, to Sauce's unabashed love for Sythe's collab with Azrael, Pocketwatch. There's a freestyle in there somewhere and Archive attempts to shatter a self-proclaimed perception as "that guy that says motherfucker", all while the team creates and coins a brand new term that perfectly embodies this podcast, the vebeej.  Many, many vebeejs.  DJ C-Lo as always dropping that continuous mix and new heat. Liquid Sunshine: all live, all day.

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