Liquid SunShine Podcast

Episode Nine - Spyte

The Liquid Sunshine boys are back on some new-new with a special guest, the one and only Spyte.  Conversation swerves from how MC Hammer got a very young Spyte into hip hop, to personal struggles, to his intense time in KOTD, to what's poppin right now.  We get blessed with 112 bars (give or take) of some rugged, OG shit and cap it all off with some basic, entertainment-based conspiracy rigamarole. Former guest Gorgeous Geordie even drops by for some fun. It's a party, baby! Jokes abound and drinks are downed, C-Lo keeps the records going 'round.  This is some ill shit.  Liquid Sunshine.

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Manik and Spyte vs Aspire and Katch23 KOTD video:

The Saurus and Illmaculate vs Spyte and Manik KOTD video:

Manik vs Spyte KOTD video:

The Royal Cipher Music video: