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Episode Forty Six - St Patty's Day / Whiskey Tour

Aaand now for something completely different. It’s time for our annual St. Patrick’s Day episode. This time around the lads step out in public for our first, but not last, on-location episode. We sit with Jamie (aka Dubgee) and Scott from at Fet’s Whiskey Lounge for localfood’s inaugural Whiskey Tour. We learn about Jamie’s 7 hustles, a bit about his time in music, as Dubgee, and the experiences offered through, including a hiking tour, guided by Scott. Everyone gets well and truly gooned, yet somehow we stay coherent. Must be the power of the Whiskey. We highly recommend booking an excursion with these guys. DJ C LO comes through with that St. Patrick’s Day heat. Liquid Sunshine fo dat ass. 

lsp ep46sypasddydayWT.jpg

Book Your Vancouver whisky or food and culture Tour here

Beast Van : Everthing DubGee

BEEF! The Archvest aka Vertiflow vs Delinkwit battle.. Billy Botox version


Episode Forty Five - Mizzy & Day Day

Heyo! LSP back up this piece with not one, but two, of Vancity’s finest. This soon to be classic episode features Mizzy, of the KIDS, and Day Day. Together they represent a larger collective, the Holy Sock Gang. First, we chit the chat with Day Day about his history in music and dance, and dig into important details, like his Top 5 MJ songs. Then, we get into some of Mizzy’s history, as well as a little bit about what the Holy Sock Gang is. Somewhere in there is one of the vibey-est live performances that we’ve ever had on our little podcast.  Sauce and Archive somehow stay on track and C-Lo fuels the drive with his immaculate mixes, all while everyone sucks down a slightly heroic dose of their favourite adult beverage. And a good time was had by all. Get down to this. 

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Episode Forty Four - Special Edition Chadio Mix Show

We back in it for a special edition episode, fo’ dat ass. This time around, we roll guest-free, speaking a little flim-flam before getting to the brass-tax, that a friend, and hugely important member of the Vancouver and Canadian hip-hop scene, Chadio, needs some assistance. Recently diagnosed with cancer, the homey requires some financial assistance in order to hold it down and win his battle. DJ C-Lo masterfully mixes a metric butt-tonne of Chadio jammies. From solo joints, to DDR and Quoted Motives and everything in between, there is a whole lot of Chadio goodness laced within the confines of this podcast. Sauce and Archive keep the chatter to a bare-minimum, essential, slew of verbal blow jobs, aimed in the general direction of our friend Chad. Little talk, lots of the DJ? Might be our best show yet! Go ahead and throw some dough at the bro right here:

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Chadio's Go Fund me.

Hip-Hop karaoke "gimme some mo"

Bandcamp (so much good in here!!)

Episode Forty Three - 2017 Year End Rap Up

Hey y'all, it’s that magic time of year again when the Liquid Sunshine posse sits down to guzzle adult-beverages, giggle like children and talk about some of our favourite happenings from the year that was, 2017.  Our buddy-boy Rozmo, aka Bill Rozby, aka Rozzy Bear, joins us to help us fill-in the blanks as to what actually went down in our fair city. Listen in as we: talk favourite shows and artists, get distracted by our FB live broadcast, and tip our hats to folks out there making waves. Shockingly, we get pretty tipsy. Thankfully, DJ Momma Effin C-Lo is here to keep the beats bangin and the tracks swangin. It’s what we do. Liquid Sunshine. Fresh, for suckas!!!

lsp ep4317rapup.jpg

Episode Forty Two - Emcee Kavi

Our last guest of 2017 is Emcee Kavi. While sippin the sip we discuss Kavi’s transition from go-getter hockey player to hard-hustling emcee, hitting the legendary Anza open mic as a newbie and his extensive writing routine. Of course there are the usual, booze-fuelled digressions, as Sauce and Archive stuff their silly smiles with swill, DJ C-Lo obviously keeps things rolling with his endless mixing. It’s what we do and we’re still doing it. Liquid Sunshine. 

lsp ep41Kavi.jpg

Episode Forty One - Attikus

In this episode we welcome back Attikus. While sippin on sangria, we get t chit-chatting about his hiatus from recording and performing, coming anew, his new album and him becoming the latest addition to the Ill-Legitimate crew. We keeps it tipsy and C-Lo keeps mixing. It’s what we do here. Liquid Sunshine. 

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Episode Forty - Looseleaf Sessions

Yoooo it’s time for another sit down with your favourite liquor pigs. For this go-around, the LSP family chop it up with the Looseleaf Sessions crew, and boy it’s a doozy. We weave are way in and around topics like: the formation and inception of Looseleaf, the creation of Looseleaf Sessions Vol.1, Cander joining the crew and the making of Vol.2.  Within that, some beverages are consumed. Sauce and Archie try to keep this train on the rails, so you can guess how that goes, and DJ C-Lo, despite shaking his head countless times, keeps the mix ever-spinning. This was recorded a while back. LSPeezy.

lsp ep40LooseleafSess.jpg

Episode Thirty Nine - Post Fentanyl Overdose Prevention Society Fundraiser

After a long hiatus, we are back and ready to bring you more of what you may, or may not, have asked for, but first...we sit down with each other to catch up and talk about our fundraiser for the Overdose Prevention Society, which was an absolute success. Thanks to everyone who donated time and money to the cause.  Of course we get silly for rilly and talk that shit and what not. DJ C-Lo keeps the beats blazin' and spins a fresh mix fo' dat ass. LSP back init.

File 2017-09-12, 6 53 50 PM.jpeg

Episode Thirty Eight - Cityreal

Back like a summer breeze. This time around, we decided to dig in the vaults and hoist out some of that ol' unreleased type shit. On this particular past production we linked up with Cityreal. As usual we get the low down on how he got into music and rap and he talked about what's next. There may even be a musical performance of some kind, actually, I doubt it.  Of course, I'm leaving out a bunch of stuff, otherwise there'd be no point in listening. Archive and Sauce are, as always, your inebriated guides and C-Lo provides the soundtrack we chat to. LSP in your area. 

LSPPS: Please remember that Liquid Sunshine is raising money to give to the Overdose Prevention Society. These people are out on the streets, in the middle of the fight against the fentanyl crisis, saving lives. Help us help them by donating here:

Cityreal "See You In the Morning" video:

Cityreal "Grow Op" video:

Official Cityreal website:

Cityreal on bandcamp:

Episode Thirty Seven - More Junk

Crack the Sunshine and sip the Liquid, the boys are back. This episode marks the return of the one and only Junk. After a year of constant touring and recording, we sit down with the NWD emcee to talk tour stories, his new album "Stupid and Ugly" and what the future holds. We also put Junk in the our extreme freestyle challenge, the off-the-top octagon that is the 8 nipples of pig. The results are incredible. Sauce and Archive get to sipping and promoting the upcoming LSP charity basketball battle for the ages, while DJ C-LO holds it down like no other. Liquid Sunshine, baby. 


"This Is My World"featuring Merkules,

from Junk's new album, Stupid And Ugly:

I Am No one video:

Junk's Bandcamp link to purchase the album I.A.N.:

Episode Thirty Six - Young Nige

We're back y'all, yeah we're back y'all, yeah we're backity back, yeah we're back y'all! After a hibernating hiatus we roll back on the scene, crispy and clean, with the one and only Young Nige. We chit chat about Nige's musical past and entry into hip hop and the formation of his group, Friends With The Help, and we take some time to discuss the extensive catalogue of FWTH music videos. Finally Nige wraps it up (pun intended) with a devastating freestyle. Archie and Sauce guide the swerving journey and C-Lo supplies the backbone with another continuous mix. Liquid Sunshine 2017 y'all!

Episode Thirty Five - 2016 year end Rap up

It's that time of year again. Liquid Sunshine returns with their annual Holiday Edition Year End Wrap Up, Over and Out Episode. We chat about some of the best music that came out of Vancouver this year and list some of our favourite albums from 2016 as a whole. The boys also amp up the cheer, as Archie complains about the cities recent musical output and Sauce mourns the death of the world. Thank god, or any mythical beast really, for DJ Goddamn C-Lo, who holds this shit down in his typical fashion, keeping us bumping and mixing both a set of our fav Vancity rap tracks and general hip hop heat.  Special guest Rozmo pops in to rock Hootenanny live with the house-band and kick off the last LSP freestyle of the year. It's Liquid Sunshine y'all, catch us in the new year and HAPPY HOLIDAZE! 

Episode Thirty Four - Mishap

Yoooo! Liquid Sunshine proudly returns to your ear-holes with special guest, Mishap!  We comb through his history on the mic and how he journeyed from the Okanagan to Vancouver to pursue a dream, form the group Earthtones and eventually create the successful DJ Mix series, Hip Hop Corner. Sauce and Archive try to keep the train on the rails as much as possible, as they swerve through the topics, and the unflappable DJ C-Lo provides the soundtrack with his typically unwavering and extended mix. Another one in the books. Go on and catch a sip of the Liquid. 

Episode Thirty Three - Kelvin from the KIDS

Aaaaaaannnnd Liquid Sunshine is all up in this, one more time for your damn mind. The high-priests of home town hippity hop return with special guest, Kelvin, from the KIDS. He lays out his history: coming up as a young'n and discovering hip hop in White Horse, moving to Vancouver to go to audio school and forming one of the most active groups in the city. We also learn which one of the KIDS is his uncle, as well as who some of his favourite producers are. All of this and more await you, listener, with the bumbling guidance of your favourite old-men, Saucey and Archive, and the miraculous mixing of grandpa C-Lo. It's this, it's that, it's Liquid Sunshine y'all!

Kelvin's solo works:

KIDS web

Facebook: Kelvin Aliasthesame
Twitter / IG: @4amstyles
Snapchat: aliasthesame

Episode Thirty Two - Stroker Deluca

Back at it like an addict! The hooligans return with long-time rhymer, producer, mixer, and engineer to most of the dope rap coming out of the city, Stroker DeLuca. We chop it up about: his journey as an emcee and the creation of Def Poets Society, the trials and tribs of his brief time in the porn industry and the release (pause) of his latest project, "The Sex Tape". Archive and Sauce remain lit like a wick while C-Lo "can't stop, won't stops" through another seamless and continuous mix. This one is a motherfucking doozy. Only on Liquid Sunshine y'all!!

Episode Thirty One - Anonymouz of the Ill- Legitimate Crew

Back to the grill again. Liquid Sunshine returns with microphone fiend and Ill-Legitimate co-founder, Anonymouz. He takes us on a trip through the world travelling history of the Ill-Legitimate Crew, as well as his personal history in hip-hop, while also regaling us with stories from his many tour dates. Finally, he clues his hapless hosts into the new-new from Ill-Legit before closing out with the ill rhymes. The hosts are feeling the effects and fighting through the haze, while DJ C-Lo impeccably and continuously supplies the soundtrack. It's what we do. Liquid Sunshine y'all!!

Episode Thirty - Junk of Northwest Division

Liquid Sunshine rains down, with a triumphant return to interviewing. The posse arrives mad lit and sits down with Team-Back Pack alumni and North West Division mic-assassin, Junk. We learn about some of his history leading up to his arrival in Canada and his early rapping years in the Kootenays, and delve into his battle history, the formation of NWD and his new solo record, I.A.N, being released soon on Stealth Bomb Records. Sauce and Archive are your guides on this hip hop narrative and, as always, DJ C-Lo supplies the soundtrack with his continuous, effortless mixing. Liquid Sunshine y'all!!

Episode Twenty Nine - The Teaser

The LSP dudes are back at it. This is the teaser for the new season of interviews from the inebriated imps. Sauce and Mr. Archive ramble about the passing of Phife Dog, the closing of the Railway Club in Vancity and the recent accusations against the legendary Afrika Bambataa. Of course DJ C-Lo holds it down with a continuous mix, spinning some of the hypest jams in the land. Liquid Sunshine for your ear-throats y'all!

Episode Twenty Eight - St Patty's Day Special featuring House of Pain's Danny Boy

We start this one up nice and sloppy just how you like it! trash talking the local pubs for Essing soooo much Deee running our mouths with that typical drunken jibber jabber we have become so well know for until C-lo finally shuts off our mic's…then we get to the good stuff! C-Lo hits us with a solid mix of some rare and classic House Of Pain jams then moving on to a pre recorded interview with the one and only Danny Boy of the legendary groups House Of Pain and La Coka Nostra. Danny boy walks us through the early days of House Of Pain from the moment they met to the day they parted ways. He also touches base on touring with Beastie Boys, packing an AK on the tour bus, the beef with Dj Quick and his struggles with addiction. We wrap it up with talks of the 3rd and possibly final La Coka Nostra album and his love for documenting historical sites through his work with Delta Bravo. This hip-hop icon blesses us with endless knowledge and some of the most kick ass stories from house of pains hay days..DJ-C-Lo wraps it all up with what may be the best hip-hop drinking mix of all time….ever… the history of mankind, don't miss out on this one! hit that link kiiiidddd!!!!








Episode Twenty Seven - The Liquid SunShine Mixtape 2015

The Liquid Sunshine Podcast posse proudly presents: The Mixtape.  A butt-load of incredible underground hip hop from some of raindrop city's finest. All mixed by the one and only DJ C-Lo. Liquid Sunshine y'all!

Track List : 

1. Azrael & Inkspill - Jackson Pollock 2. Sythe feat Matt Brevner & Copasetic - On My Way 3. Trevor Mills feat Sauce - So Dirty (Anger) 4. Copasetic feat Sythe - Out of Service 5. Azrael - Insatiable 6. Rozmosis - Hootenanny 7. Chadio - 5's Up Kline Remix 8. Billy Slade feat JustB - Fool Proof 9. Attikus - Brain Juice 10. Moka Only - Boots 11. KIDS - Drugs R Us 12. Emotionz feat Attikus & Relic - Ah 13. Abyss - Endless Highway 14. K-Rec & Estea Elements - The K-Rec Show 15. Mercy feat Wax Monk & Jakub Evolved - The Crown 16. Spyte - 2am 17. Kid Lithium - Welcome to the Dream Machine 18. Gorgeous Geordie feat Vials & Wettworker - Slow Transitions