1995 Krispy Bisket Show FREESTYLE w/Del The Funky Homosapien, Moka Only, Prev One, Madchild


First off RIP Vancouver legend Incredible Ease THE OG of everything Hip-Hop in this city

Krispy Bisket had the best show in Vancouver 8 years strong on CFRO CO-OP radio back in the 102.7fm days. Every true school hip-hop head would have their tape decks ready to record that night of the week and I just happened to come across one of those tapes marked "Krispy Biskets dec 95 w/del" this might be their best show ever featuring some off the top the dome madness w/ Swollen Members & del the funky homosapien!! I could not figure out who the female artist on this jam was for the life of me, is she saying "Dream Neffer" if you know holler in the comments so we can show her some love.

Big up's to that rap dude EPIC for digging into his tape collection as he reminisced on that night he hit record in 1995 all the way from Saskatoon.

I've been warned all my life
But I can't help but to post this ill shit all over the interwebs!!!! We recently went over the most important Hip-Hop moments in Vancouver history on The Liquid Sunshine Podcast (click this link for the full podcast) and easily came to the conclusion that Incredible Ease, EQ & The Krispy Bisket Show co-hosted alongside collaborator DJ Kilocee on CJSF 90.1 FM. & 102.7fm was the #1 most influential thing to ever come out of Vancouver....hands fucking down!!

DISCLAIMER: this was taped off the radio in 95 so the quality is not the greatest but the content is fucking amazing... also DJ Kilocee is replaced by someone named Benny B in this episode... not sure what that's all about

some KB Quotes  
Moka only-
" Perhaps my fondest memory was all the late nights we would spend up at the Krispy Biscuit which was a hiphop mix show on CFRO community radio with DJ Kilo Cee and MC Ease. Timeless…lots of on-air freestyling and the dopest guests and content. Plus all the hiphop club nights back then really supported underground music and culture. What an era the nineties were for that sort of thing!"

DJ Static (we funk radio) : 
I've been DJing since 1994. I grew up listening to an underground hip-hop mix show in Vancouver called the Krispy Bisket Show. That inspired me to learn to DJ. When I moved to Montreal in 1995 to go to university I started training at the university radio station CKUT. Groove was training there at the same time and that's how we met